What lawyer should do in procedure of bankruptcy of individual?

In the procedure of bankruptcy for an individual, a lawyer should typically:

1. Initial Consultation: the lawyer meets with the individual to understand their financial situation, evaluate their eligibility for bankruptcy, and determine the most suitable type of bankruptcy to file.

2. Documentation: the lawyer assists the individual in gathering all necessary documents such as financial statements, asset lists, and debt records to accurately assess the individual’s financial situation.

3. Preparing and Filing: the lawyer prepares the necessary legal paperwork, including the bankruptcy petition, and other required documents. They file these documents with the appropriate bankruptcy court on behalf of the individual.

4. Automatic Stay: once the bankruptcy petition is filed, the lawyer ensures that the «automatic stay» goes into effect, which provides immediate protection against creditor actions such as collection calls or foreclosure.

5. Negotiations: If necessary, the lawyer may negotiate with creditors on behalf of the individual to try and reach a mutually agreed-upon resolution or repayment plan.

6. Handling Exemptions (executive immunity): еhe lawyer helps the individual identify and claim any exemptions they are entitled to, allowing them to protect certain assets from being liquidated during bankruptcy proceedings.

7. Discharge of Debt: the lawyer ensures that the individual completes any necessary post-filing requirements. Once all requirements are met, the lawyer helps the individual obtain a discharge, which eliminates eligible debts.

8. Post-Bankruptcy Guidance: after the bankruptcy is successfully completed, the lawyer may offer advice on rebuilding credit, managing finances, and how to avoid future financial difficulties.

It is important to note that bankruptcy procedures and laws may vary between jurisdictions, so it is vital for the lawyer to be well-versed in the specific bankruptcy laws applicable to the individual’s case.

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