Lawyers in St. Petersburg — We represent the interests of our clients in courts in the following disputes:

We work for the result, many years of experience of the professionals of our legal advice, including in government agencies; Arbitration courts (bankruptcy and other disputes) / courts of general jurisdiction and as representatives, allows us to fulfill our obligations under the contract to our clients with the highest quality. We provide the following types of services in our company, located in St. Petersburg at st. Gagarinskaya 6a, 3rd floor and in the city of Gatchina, at the address: Uritsky street, house 9A, 2nd floor.
— Bankruptcy of individuals and legal entities;
— Tax disputes;
— Land disputes;
— Arbitration disputes.

Types of basic services of lawyers and attorneys in St. Petersburg and Gatchina

— Arbitration disputes

Arbitration disputes are disputes in the field of entrepreneurial activity and other types of economic activity.

— Administrative disputes

Administrative disputes are disputes related to violation of the law by administrative organizations.

— land disputes

Land disputes are disputes related to the rights to land, or to the use and disposal of land.

— Conducting proceedings for individuals

Since 2015, individuals have the opportunity to carry out the bankruptcy procedure in court or out of court.

— Conducting bankruptcy procedures for legal entities

If certain conditions are met, a legal entity may be declared bankrupt.

When providing any type of legal services, you can ask a lawyer online or by phone. Our experts will answer all your questions in as much detail as possible.

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